Instructions on how to book or cancel an appointment for English speakers: Click on "קבע תור" next to the name of the Doctor you want to book or cancel an appointment with (this will open a separate window). Enter your username and password (in the text boxes in the middle of the page) and click on "כניסה". Follow the instructions on the next page to complete a booking or cancelation. If you are a first time user, please ask a secretary or someone who knows fluent Hebrew to sign you up as a member and write down your username and password (once you have your username and password, follow the steps above to book and cancel appointments).

הכירו את הרופאים שלנו

צור קשר

בית שמש, פינת רחוב איילון וקישון
Corner of Nahal Ayalon and Kishon
טלפון לקביעת תורים 24 שעות 053-2121315
02-9953332 (פקס)